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No STAKE not Steak!

Play this tune while reading to feel like you are in the brewery with me right now!

So we all know that a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes for deposit return and that must of been a ballache to get going and make something that might work in a fair and just society. So the fact that Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) got something that kinda works is amazing!

Whats hefty shite about it is the fact that no small producers were allowed onto any of the panels or boards or what ever they call them. That’s right the very people this will effect the most were actively denied representation on any of the panels!

This is us offering help to them! (We are the man though none of us could rock that tash! NO NOT EVEN YOU CAMMY!)

Apparently we did have representation and no I cant remember who they said and no I had never heard of them either! (In there defence we did get invited onto one only after a godawful meeting with them where I announced it would put us out of business and I went out and got so drunk I was crying into my pint in Stereo that was a good look!)

Anyone wanna guess who is applying for scheme administrator the same folk that were allowed on the panels (huge multinational corps)

You see an issue with this? instantly? It now becomes in the scheme administrators interest to make it as hard as they can for small drink producers to find this hard to keep going be it via fees, mountains paperwork (we were assured that they wont but we all know large multinationals)

Don’t get me started on the Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) that’s for another blog post! Which is a work in progress! 🙂


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