DRS and the great can swindle

So a long post this morning! DRS passed yesterday in the Scottish parliament. It was brought in under the radar and in secrecy. While all independent drink producers are fighting to stay afloat they seemed fine with kicking us while we are down. (D.R.S isn’t a bad thing but Scotland is the only country where all the costs are paid by the person filling the container. Other places its spread across the industry)
Ross from some american tv show saying kick me when i'm down
This was lobbied for by Have you got the bottle who are a “grassroots” (funded by Tomra set to make billions out of this) lobby thing. I got involved and was taken for a ride by that lot but I learned from my mistakes!
Any brewery less than 3bbls/not in supermarkets/with own taproom will be effected the most with huge cost increases in our production!
its not just 20p a can its £280 a year, the admin costs and the fact that 20p costs us 26p a can and 6 months for that 20p to come back to us (cash-flow)
Or the best bit!!!! If all brewers don’t hit 90% returned can rate its an unlimited fine for us all (if you cant pay it, its jail for you ma laddo!)
Away from a personal perspective if you like drinking brewery’s from England look forward to paying at least £1 more a can than you already do, wanna go south and stock up? Don’t you can and will be done with cross border fraud.
Independent off sales will also be effected as the cost of cans from England rocket and they have to find space to store returned cans and pay the customer 20p (and wait the 6 months for it back) for each can back (bought there or not)
We were promised meeting with the relevant party’s only to be put off and put off till it was through parliament (now any meeting is a pointless waste of Electrons) 
Those who helped in kicking us while we are down (you all know who you are) I hope karma is a bitch and as my old granny used to say “I hope yer next shi*e is a hedgehog”
Road safety hedgehog

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